The Pros And Cons Of A Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin With A Hinged Lid

25 August 2016
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There are many reasons why a business may look to purchase heavy-duty plastic storage bins. But the most common reason is to store or transport inventory. When you go to purchase these storage bins, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a container with a removable lid or a hinged lid. A hinged lid has hinges on both the right and left side of the container, that allow half of the lid door to swing upward and over the side. Read More 

5 Tips For Getting Through A Move When 9 Months Pregnant

12 August 2016
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In an ideal world, you can schedule your move for the perfect date and take a few weeks off of work to prepare for the challenge. In real life, your lease can end unexpectedly and leave you relocating while you're nine months pregnant. Get through the moving day without hurting yourself or giving up by using these five tips for heavily pregnant women who can't handle any more strain and stress. Read More 

Three Tips For Relocating Your Video Game Collection

8 August 2016
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When you own hundreds or thousands of video games, relocating them to a new home can seem like quite the epic quest. With a little preparation and a lot of time, however, you can safely move your collection to a new space with little damage or loss. Here are three tips to help you successfully move your video games. Boxing Them Up Half the battle of moving your games is taking time to pack them correctly. Read More 

Packing It In: How To Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit’s Space

15 July 2015
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If you are downsizing or cleaning out a relative's home, renting a storage unit can be an economical way to keep your items in good condition and out of the way. Most of the time, storage units are priced by size, so it makes sense to maximize every inch of your storage unit. Since you don't want to damage items in the process, read on for some ways to properly pack up your belongings so they will fit in the smallest space possible. Read More 

5 Mistakes People Make When Storing A Boat Over The Winter

14 July 2015
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Nearly 12 million people in the United States own a recreational boating vessel. While many of those owners use their boats throughout the year, a lot of people restrict the time they spend on water to the warmer, summer months. As such, a lot of people have to store their boats over their winter, but a few simple mistakes can quickly cause unnecessary damage and repair bills. Prepare your vessel for winter storage effectively, and avoid the five following costly mistakes. Read More