The Pros And Cons Of A Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin With A Hinged Lid

25 August 2016
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There are many reasons why a business may look to purchase heavy-duty plastic storage bins. But the most common reason is to store or transport inventory. When you go to purchase these storage bins, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a container with a removable lid or a hinged lid. A hinged lid has hinges on both the right and left side of the container, that allow half of the lid door to swing upward and over the side. When both parts of the lid are swung open, the container is fully open, just like it would be when you remove a lid from a container. Learning about the pros and cons of a hinged versus a removable lid will help you determine which is the better choice for your business. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to plastic storage bins with hinged lids.

Cons to Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bins With Hinged Lids

  • The Box Loses Its Function If a Lid Breaks

One of the biggest downsides to purchasing a heavy-duty plastic storage bin with a hinged lid rather than a removable one is that the box loses its function if part of the lid breaks. This includes becoming cracked or breaking off at the hinges. There simply is not a way to replace a damaged lid to a hinged storage container. The same is not true with removable lids. Many companies sell removable lids separate from the totes. If you lose or break a lid, you can simply buy a new one and replace it, allowing you to keep the function of the tote.

  • The Hinges Can Rust Over Time

Another downside to heavy-duty storage bins with hinged lids is that the hinges can rust over time. This is more likely if the space where the totes are stored is humid or if the totes get wet. As such, if you are storing the totes in a humid environment or an outdoor one, hinged lids may not be ideal for you. A plastic removable one without metal may be the better choice. Luckily, if the hinge does develop rust, cleaning off the rust and/or using a lubricating product, such as WD-40, can help remove the rust and allow your hinge to rotate as it should.

Pros to Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bins With Hinged Lids

  • You Don't Have to Worry About Lost Lids

One of the biggest benefits to buying heavy-duty plastic storage bins with hinged lids is that you don't have to worry about lost lids. The lids are attached to the bin and are not going anywhere. If you have a large business and a lot is going on, lids may be constantly thrown to the side or on the ground. They can get lost easily. And while you can typically purchase more lids, it starts to add up quickly. Plus, spending time searching for the right lid for the right storage container takes time away from more productive things an employee could be doing.

  • Available in a Hinged Bottom Option

The other advantage to a hinged lid is that you can actually buy heavy duty plastic storage bins with hinged lids on the bottom of the container, rather than the top. The benefit to this is that it makes it easier to remove heavy items from a storage container. You can slowly open up one side of the hinged container and then the other, to slowly and carefully remove a heavy item that was contained inside. This is easier than having to open up a tote and lift the item out. It can also prevent back injuries in employees.

If your business is looking to purchase heavy duty plastic storage bins with lids, you can select from hinged lids or removable lids. Learning the benefits will help you make an educated decision as to which best meets the needs of your business.