3 Things You Should Never Try to Move and Transport Yourself

19 March 2021
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Moving involves a lot of back-breaking work. When you find yourself needing to relocate there are so many moving pieces to the equation. Coordinating move-in and move-out dates alone can leave you pulling your hair out. A full-service move is a great option for homeowners who can't handle the physical process, but paying for the help can come with a big price tag.

On the other end, trying to save yourself some cash can leave you with injuries, property damage, and a lot of lost time. You should choose your methods of moving to fit your families needs, but here are three things you should never try to move and transport yourself:

Hot Tub

Hot tubs usually weigh around 500 lbs. That is a heavy piece of equipment to be moving. Have you noticed that many homes are sold with inclusions like the hot tub in the backyard? This is because they can be extremely difficult to move and most homeowners leave them behind. If you decide to take it with you when you move, you're going to want to hire help. Finding movers that specialize in this type of equipment removal are going to be your best bet.


Pianos often mean a lot to homeowners and bring joy to their homes through music. These instruments can be a visual piece of art too. Whether you have a modern baby grand or your grandmother's piano from the early 1900s, you're going to want it protected while you move. These instruments are very heavy and require special equipment and lifts to move the piano properly. Most pianos weigh 300–500 lbs, that's some serious weight. There are moving professionals that specialize in full piano moving. This means they will pack, prep, load, transport, and deliver your piano as a full service. Sometimes they will offer piano tuning in the new location too! 


If you are taking all your appliances with you, you might want to call in a professional. Appliances can be broken or cosmetically damaged with any bumps or scratches they receive during a move. Professional appliance movers can help you unhook appliances safely and get them properly packaged and protected. 

Paying for these moving professionals can cost more upfront, but save you big in the long run. Avoid damage, injury, and regret by hiring professional movers for your upcoming move! Start looking for your piano, hot tub, or appliance movers today and find moving specialists that are licensed and insured.