Relocating? Use These 4 Hacks To Make Packing And Moving Easier

19 December 2019
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If you have months to get through your packing and moving, maybe the prospect doesn't stress you in the least -- but most moves are done on a pretty tight time table. That makes it important to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Here are some of the top hacks you can use to make packing and moving go as painlessly as possible:

1. Eliminate everything you don't really want to take with you.

You can reduce the amount of time you spend packing (and unpacking again when you reach your destination) by simply cutting down what goes with you.

Almost everybody has things that they don't really want or need. Purge your belongings of anything that can't be easily replaced or doesn't really have any value. You'll also save money by not paying your movers to haul the extraneous stuff to your new place.

2. Invest in clear plastic wrap and spare blankets or sheets.

Plastic wrap from the grocery store and old blankets or sheets from a thrift store can protect your larger pieces of furniture from damage on the move.

Wrap the plastic wrap around any drawers in desks, nightstands, and similar pieces of furniture so that you don't have to worry about them sliding loose. (You can also leave the contents inside, as long as they aren't too heavy.) Blankets and sheets wrapped and taped around your furniture can also protect your upholstery and wood finishes from damage.

3. Make a moving plan that addresses both ends of the trip.

If you've been through a move or two in your life, you've probably used a list to keep yourself organized as you pack -- but you might not have planned for your arrival in your new place.

Try to get the floor plans for your new home so that you can plan exactly where your furniture goes when you get there. That will make it a lot easier to direct your movers -- and you won't have to worry about moving heavy pieces later on your own.

4. Use labels and a color-coding system for your boxes.

Getting your furniture in place at your new residence is only half the battle; you also have boxes to handle.

If you place strips of colored duct tape on each side of your boxes that correspond to each room (such as yellow for the bedroom, red for the living room, and green for the kitchen, etc.) it'll be easier to direct your movers. A label on top of each box with a list of contents will make hunting down needed items a much quicker process.

For more tips, supplies, and the manpower you need to make your transition a breeze, contact your local furniture movers for additional help.