5 Steps To Prevent Your Plants From Becoming A Little Shop Of Horrors During Your Next Move

26 June 2018
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Whether you're a serious gardener or just have spent a lot of time growing your favorite plants, moving with greenery can be stressful. Plants are hard to pack, take extra caution, and don't respond well to change. To give your plants their best chance during your big move, follow these 5 steps.

1. Check with Your Movers. A full-service moving company may or may not be willing to transport plants. This is partly because of the difficulties of the process and partly due to concerns with legal and permit requirements. Start by finding out if your movers will handle the job or if you'll need to do it yourself. If the pros are willing, let them take care of your plants.

2. Clean and Prune Plants. Several weeks before moving day, give your plants a good going-over to prepare them. Prune dead leaves and remove branches or flowers that are more likely to get broken in the transporting process. While you're doing this, consider taking a cutting of each plant to transport separately just in case your beloved main plant doesn't survive the trip. 

3. Re-Pot Heavy Plants. Big, heavy pots of dirt and greens are heavy and hard to move. Lighten your load by re-potting items in heavy concrete, ceramic, or wood pots. Plastic pots make great transport vehicles and they run less risk of being broken and spilling your plants. Re-pot plants several weeks in advance if possible so that they can adjust before the shock of moving. 

4. Make a Good Moving Environment. Keep an eye on your plants during the actual move. Each time you stop for food or gas, check them to ensure that they are staying cool (or warm) enough. Also, open cartons to allow sunlight as much as possible. If you may need to cool them down, try to place them near a window (or truck door) that opens. Check their water as well, feeling the soil to make sure it's remaining moist but not wet. 

5. Settle Them Quickly. Once you reach your new home, take all the plants out of your vehicles and cartons and expose them to the sun and proper temperatures. Try to avoid moving them around unnecessarily at this point. If you want to make changes or re-pot any, leave a few weeks if possible so they can acclimate. 

Following these few tips will help you prepare your plants for the big change and keep them comfortable during the trip. The result will be happier plants and a happier gardener all in their new home. Contact a business such as Two Guys and a Truck to learn more about moving.