Moving Tips: Preparing Items For Storage

10 February 2018
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Whether you are moving to a smaller home or you simply want to declutter, you may find that renting a storage space can help make your transition into a new home a bit easier. However, you will need to prep and pack these items so they are ready for your moving service to transport to the storage space. Here are a few helpful tips you can use as you prepare items for storage.

Use Different Containers

It's pretty easy to mix up cardboard boxes, even when they are labeled. To prevent your storage items from being sent to your new home, and to prevent your essential personal items from accidentally going into storage, consider using different containers. Pack storage items into brightly colored plastic storage bins for easy identification during the move. The plastic material can also provide a bit of added protection for your items while they are in storage.

Create A Storage Staging Area

Staging the items that will go into storage can also be a big help on moving day, particularly if you are moving furniture or other large items you can't fit into a storage container. Empty out one room in your home, such as a spare bedroom, and use this as the area you will stage all items going into storage. Place a sign on the door to the room to remind the moving company where these items will go, and do a final check on moving day to make sure nothing that needs to go to your new home got placed in the storage staging area by accident.

Schedule Two Moving Days

You can also reduce the confusion about where items should be transported to by scheduling two moving days. Plan on moving the items that will go into storage a few days before your big move. This will make it easier for your residential moving service to ensure everything is sent to the right location. Be sure you are there to coordinate and supervise on both moving days, and arrange to meet the movers at the storage facility so you can help sort and stack the containers inside the unit.

Some residential moving services also operate storage facilities, which can make this process even easier. Be sure to ask your movers about storage facilities, and get a quote for transporting your items to storage and to your new home. With fewer boxes to unpack in your new house, you can get settled quickly without having to contend with clutter.