A List of Fantastic Storage Tips

17 July 2017
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The way you pack your things into your self-storage unit can make a load of difference to how easy you can get at important things in the future, how easy of a time you have fitting everything into the unit and how safe your belongings are. Here is a list you will find extremely helpful.

Put your important belongings together in the front of the unit

Make sure that your important items are all kept together during transport and that they are the last ones that you put into the storage unit. This way, they will end up being put in at the front of the unit where you will be able to get at them quickly anytime you need to access them.

Have plenty of moving blankets to use

Be prepared with more moving blankets than you think you are going to need because you will probably end up using them all. While you are putting your things into the unit, you want to use blankets to cover any exposed wood or other furniture that you are concerned will be scratched, dinged or otherwise damaged if they come into contact with something else in the unit on accident.

Take apart any awkwardly shaped furniture

Taking apart any awkwardly shaped furniture, such as tables, large wooden chairs, benches or other items like this will help you to fit them into the storage unit easier and help prevent them from being damaged while they are being stored. Put all the hardware into a baggy and tape it to the base of the piece of furniture so you don't lose them.

Don't feel the need to pack everything

There are simply some items that will do better left unpacked. One example of this would be a huge stuffed bear like the ones you win at the carnival. Putting this item in a box will waste space. Putting it in a bag will make it awkward to fit somewhere. Leaving it how it is will allow you to lay it on top of some boxes or on something else, like the fridge.

Leave small walking spaces between rows

If you pack your unit so there are small walking spaces between your rows of boxes that are just wide enough for you to fit through, then you will be able to get to anything that you may need in the future without needing to pull a lot of boxes out of the unit.